Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Systems for any Business

Whilst every project for the installation of commercial solar power systems in Sydney is unique, broadly speaking, most will fit into three categories.

This is due to many factors, but the main reasons for this are the approvals required, engineering plans and complexity of Government rebate schemes. 

Solahart Sydney is equipped and skilled to complete commercial solar power projects of any size. Importantly, we support small businesses with low output solar power systems as well as business that consume large amounts of energy with industrial-sized solar power systems.

Our commitment to quality is identical across every client, no matter how large or small. Rest assured, in selecting Solahart, you are selecting a trusted partner for your business. 

Solar Power Systems Configured for your Business

By selecting Solahart, you will have a system designed to meet the energy requirements of your business. 

Solar Power Systems under 30kW

Commercial solar under 30kW is quite a simple and easy process. It’s similar to residential solar.

It’s still paramount to use a trusted commercial solar installer such as Solahart that ensure your new system gives you the required performance.

Provided we have all the necessary owner/strata approvals in place, the system installation can be completed in as little as seven days.

What Does a solar power system under 30 kw look like?

30-100 Kw Solar Power Systems

Commercial solar systems above 30kW are more complex, but Solahart Sydney does the heavy lifting to make it straightforward for our business clients. 

The complete process can take up to 65 working days, or four to six weeks. That’s a big jump, we know. The reason is the additional time required to arrange the engineered drawings and diagrams needed to ensure every box is ticked for a smooth sign-off. 

We do this for you, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

What does a solar power system between 30kW & 100kW look like?

100kw+ Solar Power Systems

Commercial solar above 100kW can involve lengthy Government rebate scheme process, complex calculations and plenty of engineering consulting. 

We are here to help.

For bigger solar installs, or anything over 100kW, we also look to implement a bi-annual or three-year annual maintenance schedule.

During, maintenance, our team will run tests on the panels, check for soiling, and ensure no rodent activity has occured around the cables.

What does a solar power system over 100kw look like?

View a solar power system over 100kW here: 

232kW solar power system on a school in the Northern Beaches

Solar Panels for Commercial Solar Power

For 70 years, we’ve been setting the standard for solar systems. 

Our unrivalled commitment to quality means we only use world-leading solar panels and the world’s best quality inverters. 

Solahart Silhouette
Solar Panels

30 Year Australian Warranty

Solahart SunCell PLUS
Solar Panels

30 Year Australian Warranty

Solar Batteries for Business & Commercial Use

Our commitment to quality extends to solar energy storage for large energy users. 

In evaluating your energy needs, we’ll assess the feasibiltiy of solar power and energy storage for your organisation. 


Solahart Sydney is a Certified Installer
of the Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall available from Solahart Sydney

Recent Commercial Solar Projects by Solahart

99.75kW solar power system installed at Rydalmere by Solahart Sydney
Factors Group Rydalmere
99.75kW solar power system
98.28kW solar power system installed at Seven Hills NSW
H.E. Burns and Sons Seven Hills
98.28kW solar power system
Solar power system installed by Solahart in St Marys NSW
Laser Wizard St Marys
99.75kW solar power system

Next Steps

Your solar journey starts with an on-site solar assessment, a FREE service provided by Solahart Sydney. 

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