Feasibility Assessment for Solar Power

As the most trusted local solar and smart energy management experts, we cover every aspect required to ensure we design optimised solar power systems that meet your exacting requirements.

We recognise that safety & compliance is essential with every project, including during the assessment process.

Site compliance

All Solahart employees are trained in onsite safety and compliance measures. Proof of site compliance, such as White Cards, vaccination status etc, will be presented upon entering site as required.

Safety gear and PPE will be worn on building sites or as required. Our installers all show the highest regard for safety and quality workmanship consistent with Solahart’s values.

Site Assessment

Solahart provides solar feasibility assessments.

During our initial meeting, Solahart will conduct an assessment of your site to determine its suitability for solar.

This is a hands-on process whereby the consultant gains access to your roof or roof cavity (if sight from the ground is not possible), to assess the;

– Footprint size, tiling and roof type
– Structural integrity of the roof
– Condition of electrical meter/switch boards
– Presence of any rust, leaks or potential leaks.

From here, we can decide the best way forward based on your individual needs.

Business grant application

Some businesses and organisations (religious, sporting) may be eligible for Government grants to help fund solar panel installation and maintenance.

We’re experienced in navigating these processes and are happy to assist where we can.

Structural engineering assessments

Above all, Solahart values quality and safety, and we will always con-duct a structural engineering (SE) assessment on the roof prior to install, as is required by law.

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