Commercial Solar Project:
DBG Creative Agency Parramatta

Project Summary

Commercial solar project by Solahart Sydney for the DBG creative agency in Parramatta.

Project Background

Due to business growth and a corresponding increase in electricity costs, DBG recently looked at ways to arrest this increasing burden and improve its financial bottom line. Installing solar power was seen as a sensible, mature option.

Estimated Savings from Solar

In 2018, DBG asked Solahart to provide a 29kW solar power system for its printing factory in North Parramatta. Solahart initially estimated that the system would save DBG over $38,000 in the first five years with an ROI of just over four years. Since its installation, the system has offset up to 69% of DBG’s daily electricity usage and an average of 51% of their daily usage for a whole year. DBG elected to install a premium system using cutting-edge SolarEdge technology. This system allows for panel optimisation, production monitoring and consumption monitoring. This high level of technology enables DBG to monitor its system 24/7 from computers, tablets and smartphones.

Client Testimonial

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