Commercial Solar Project:
Combine Air Training Rozelle

Project Summary

Solahart Commercial solar power system installed at Rozelle by Solahart Sydney
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Project Background

Peter Hickey is no stranger to innovation. The owner of a unique fitness business, Combine Air Training, had embraced the science of high-altitude training to create extremely effective workouts and a successful gym franchise. So, when Peter became aware of the company’s soaring power bills, he turned to the science of solar.

Combine Air Training in Sydney’s Rozelle, features pressurised training rooms that simulate exercising at high altitude, which result in supercharged fitness outcomes – and huge energy use. With an aim to reduce the gym’s overheads, as well as its carbon footprint, Peter tasked Solahart Sydney with finding a solution.

Opened in 2020, Combine Air Training has a unique studio environment with 13.5 to 14 per cent oxygen, equivalent to working out at 3,500 metres above sea level. This climate is created with air compressors, which requires a heavy power load.

“High-altitude training yields incredible results, but the cost of running air compressors to pressurise our studios was astronomical. Our profit was being seriously impacted and, with energy prices rising, it was only going to get worse,” says Peter.

As well as safeguarding the company’s bottom line, Peter was also keen to reduce the business’s carbon footprint. He had a candid conversation with the landlord of the Rozelle building, who was supportive of Combine Air Gym’s investment in renewable energy.

“We wanted sustainable business growth, from both a cost and environmental perspective. Once the gym had established itself, we got in touch with Solahart Sydney to find out how we could join the green movement,” Peter continues.

Estimated Savings from Solar

The impact on the gym’s power bills was just as impressive as the results Combine Air Gym sees in its clientele. “Since the installation, we’re seeing savings of $13,000 a year in energy bills and reduced our energy consumption by 40 per cent. We’re also set to offset 66k of carbon emissions which we’re really proud of.”

Client Testimonial

“The fact that Solahart Sydney made this possible without interrupting our business operation is incredibly impressive. The team really set us up for success,” concludes Peter.
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