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Commercial Solar Project:
Club Mount Lewis

Project Summary

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Project Background

Noticing considerable increases in power charges, the club investigated operational improvements to reduce electrical load consumption via lighting and air conditioning project initiatives. Later, it was decided to look at generating their own power with solar to offset as much cost as possible.

Estimated Savings from Solar

With forecast savings of $120,000 over the first 5 years and delivering a payback in approx. 4.5 years, it was clear to the club board that going solar was a sound decision. Better still, because they opted to finance the project with Westpac / Verdia, the club was cash positive from day one. Solahart Sydney designed and specified a panel-level optimised solar system to further improve the rate of return and system efficiencies.

Testimonial from Club Mount Lewis

“Solahart approached us as we were deciding on our next steps to reduce costs and find savings. They presented a few options, and we took it to the board, who quickly agreed that we should move forward. Solahart has been very open and knowledgeable. Their helpful advice was greatly appreciated, and we are very glad we made the decision.” Barbara Pye, CEO

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Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with a copper tank in 1953. 

Now, we’re still leaders in solar and proudly serve all parts of Sydney with our solar products from the best brands in solar.

In addition to the strength and experience of Solahart, we’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. 

Solahart is an approved solar retailer - approved by the Clean Energy Council

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