Rory Chenoweth

Commercial Technical Sales

Meet Rory. Rory joined Solahart in 2017 as commercial technical sales, and has been in the solar industry since 2009 as an installer.

Initially working as a qualified electrician, then later in commercial construction and mining, Rory has a full breadth of knowledge in electrical and energy requirements on residential and commercial sites.

As a qualified electrician by trade, there aren’t many technical questions about solar energy that Rory can’t answer, which is what customers appreciate the most about him.

“With commercial solar, most of the questions are technical,” said Rory.

“Not many businesses are going solar purely for sustainable reasons, though that is starting to shift now. Mostly, it’s a financial decision; the return on investment, the products themselves, warranties and where it was made.

So there are a lot of questions on that, especially for the large industrial or high rise sites.”

Growing up in Adelaide, Rory is a classically trained musician, earning his degree at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music. You may recognise some of his songs in such TV shows as Married at First Sight, Bondi Rescue, and Master Chef.

He has since relocated to Sydney and has been in the Solahart Sydney commercial office ever since.

“Since then, (Solahart) has become quite a big player in the commercial space and continues to grow. I feel proud to represent Sydney’s best solar provider, it’s exciting to see the products that materialise from our product testing. We really go the extra mile to be ahead of our game technology-wise and design-wise.”

Rory Chenolweth from Solahart Sydney

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