Lorina Young

Business Development Manager

Lorina is the newest member of the Solahart Commercial team, joining as our Business Development Manager (BDM) in 2021.

Passionate about renewables, Lorina is helping commercial businesses make the switch to solar. “Commercially, solar power is set to explode,” says Lorina. “Businesses already adapting to renewable energy are reaping the many rewards.”

“It’s a dual benefit. Driving down energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint is one aspect. Commitment to sustainability forms a crucial part of a business strategy, as well.” Lorina’s interest in solar energy was first sparked by her move from Queensland to New South Wales.

“We always had solar in Queensland,” Lorina says. “We don’t know anyone who doesn’t. So when we moved here, it was a rude shock. We couldn’t believe our street didn’t have it. That’s when I realised, there is a big opportunity here.”

“Solar is growing at a rate of knots. I can see so many opportunities for growth and expansion across the commercial space. It’s very exciting.”

With a Bachelor of Health Science and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing, Lorina’s interests and skills are far reaching. Her experience spans many years across industries from foreign currency to property management. Her business acumen helps her to identify opportunities for commercial clients.

“Driving the uptake of Commercial Solar power brings me a big feeling of satisfaction. The team at Solahart are fantastic. Establishing strong partnerships, finding opportunities and breathing life into them. That’s what drives me.”

In her spare time, Lorina fosters many passions. Caravanning and fishing trips are a favourite with her husband and grown children.

Career-wise, Lorina attributes her success to an uncanny ability to join the dots and listen intently. “One of the hardest things to learn is to listen,” Lorina says. “To slow down and really take it in. People appreciate it when you remember small details and follow up. That’s been a game changer for me.”

Lorina Young from Solahart Sydney Commercial

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