Why Choose Solahart for Commercial Solar Power in Sydney

We like to keep things simple for our customers, and have developed a process for a smooth transition to solar energy.

Depending on the condition of your roof and electrical meter/switchboards, upgrades or repairs may be needed prior to installation.

In this case, we have a team of trusted consultants who we can arrange to get the job done quickly and without fuss.

Works requiring additional expenses will always be raised with you prior to starting.

Solahart: Australia's leading name in solar since 1953

Investing in solar is a big decision, and it’s hard to know who you can trust.

Having installed more than a million systems across Australia, Solahart has developed an unrivalled reputation for unmatched quality and reliability.

Solahart is your trusted partner in solar.

Quality solar products, built for long-term performance

Solahart has built a reputation by designing and building solar products. Not only do they perform well in our often harsh climate, they continue performing with durability a key feature in every Solahart product.

Before any product is endorsed by Solahart, we conduct thorough testing to ensure it meets our strict requirements. Our rigorous research, testing and product development process ensures the best solar products are launched to market.

Industry leading warranties and reliability

Our products are backed by industry-leading warranties that you can rely on.

Our Silhouette solar panels, for example, are backed by our 25-year product warranty.

This quality and reliability enables Sydney businesses to maximise their savings from solar over the long-term with complete confidence.

Testing of Solar Panels & Inverters

Solahart’s rigorous research, testing and product development process ensures the best solar products are launched to market.

Risk Mitigation

Our stage / gate system evaluates the product in detail and ensures that risks are mitigated. This process often includes:

– Detailed review of certifications and test reports to ensure compliance with Solahart Quality systems and Australian requirements
– Assessment and regular auditing of manufacturing processes
– Control of material and component selection
– Development of Solahart drawings and specifications for every product

Solar Panel Testing

– Detailed auditing and storage of each panel’s electrical test results enables panel level traceability to the original performance of the panel
– Product functionality testing
– Installation procedure and “form, fit and function” testing
– Incoming inspection and quality testing
– Extended Life test units installed in real homes for all product categories around Australia to validate installation, functionality and lifetime performance as well to highlight issues before they affect consumers

Remote Testing & Monitoring

All panel voltages and in-system operational parameters can be tested remotely, meaning you receive 24/7 remote system monitoring.

Our smart solar technology system operates with no mechanical parts, meaning it’s very rare you’ll get failures.

In the rare case of a failure, the components will send us an alert and we can fix it remotely.

Solar power system installed on bowling club in Greenacr by Solahart Sydney

Solar Design

Research and Design

Solahart has an R&D centre, NATA accredited laboratory, and testing facilities for PV, Solar Hot Water, Batteries, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Electronics and smart products.

All our products are certified, tested and approved under Australian standards.

Our expanding ecosystem of renewable energy products and services helps us to deliver greater value for customers, using:

– High performance, high yield, advanced cell technology
– Stylish, contemporary designs exclusively with Solahart Sydney Commercial

Solahart has been the leading brand in Australia for solar for decades because of our quality, integrity and the value we offer to customers.

Solar Performance


We have a five year workmanship warranty on our solar panels.

Our product development process gives commercial customers confi-dence that Solahart understands their products and as a result can offer security through our Solahart warranties and technical support.

Remote Solar Monitoring for Business

Our smart technology allows us to monitor solar systems and solar panels remotely.

Solahart can test all the panel voltages and in-system operational parameters remotely, meaning you receive 24/7 remote system monitoring.

Recent Commercial Solar Projects by Solahart

Commercial Solar Power Installation at Landscape Solutions Sydney taken from aerial view
Landscape Solutions
30.6kW solar power system
Solahart Commercial solar power system installed at Rozelle by Solahart Sydney
Combine Air Training Rozelle
56.25kW solar power system
Solar power system installed at Allprint Graphics in Rydalmere by Solahart Sydney
Allprint Graphics Rydalmere
99.6kW solar power system

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